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Time Management


  • The objective of this time management seminar is to get people to know how to ultimately use their time, proper balance their business and personal life, and realize how to survive stress.

  • Working fewer hours with greater results.
  • Understanding how to contain and manage your stress.
  • Increasing your productivity.

Target Group

  • Management, Marketing, Product Management, Product Development & Project Management.
  • Employees who need to learn how to manage their time more effectively.
  • Employees that feel stressed at work and want to have a healthy work-Life Balance.
  • Employees who need to learn overcome challenges that keep them from managing their time effectively.
  • HR Managers, HR Directors, Executive Management, and Quality Personnel.

The target audiences are those who need to raise their level of understanding and usage of time, and to be introduced to the proper effective methods.


12 hrs / 2 days


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