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Change Management Course


Program Overview

there are few guarantees in the workplace today, but change is one of them. “Just like it’s always been” is quickly becoming a phrase of the past, often replaced by something such as, “We’ve streamlined the process.” And so, kicking, screaming, and complaining, our workforce reluctantly adapts; only to find itself being faced with change once again. This course discusses the need for change, available change strategies, how to generate buy-in to those changes, and more.



Program Objectives

At this program's conclusion, participants should be able to:


  1. Describe three formal models of change.
  2. Use the square wheels process to identify potential changes.
  3. List reasons why people resist changes.
  4. Explain the six phases of accepting change.
  5. Describe the Pygmalion effect and how it can be used to shift perception and frame change.
  6. Demonstrate how to positively handle those who resist change.
  7. Describe how you will handle change in the future.
  8. Begin implementing goals created during the session.

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