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Dr. Maha Mahgoub Founder & CEO Career Development Organization – CDO

Dr. Maha Mahgoub is the founder & CEO of Career Development Organization (CDO) since 2005, for training and consulting, she is a certified corporate director by the AUC, and a certified International Expert for Business Model Canvas by GOPA. She is Also a certified international instructor and consultant by the United Nations agencies ( ILO, Unicef, IOM ) and other organizations such as USAID. Maha’s practice focuses on leveraging the wide experiences and perspectives of business, She has over 25 years of senior international experience in consulting, training, entrepreneurship, human resources management, , business strategy, business plan writing, career guidance, recruiting talents, and building the capacity of government staff. Moreover, she is supporting NGOs and civil society in women, youth, and minority empowerment.  She designs and delivers customized training programs for reputable clients all over the world and provides supportive, experience-driven guidance. and government contracting businesses

Maha’s career has included roles such as Director for Career Development Organization, and Head of HRM in investment banking, and she has trained and consulted widely in a variety of sectors. She can help clients understand challenging business problems from a variety of perspectives. Her consulting experience includes a wide range of clients in areas as diverse as providing corporate leadership, group and division strategic planning, and executive coaching. She has worked for major training providers including AUC, the International Labor Organization, UNICEF, Private Sector, Banking Sector, Investment Sector, the Petroleum Sector, British University, Cairo University, British Council, the Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Manpower, undergraduates, postgraduates, …..etc.

Maha Holds a DBA degree in Human Resources Management, from Ain Shams University, and she holds a certificate in Leadership Education from Harvard Kennedy School of Business in the USA. Maha earned a Goldman Sacks fellowship “Women’s Entrepreneurship & Leadership Program” (WEL Program) by Wharton University of Pennsylvania and the AUC.

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